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Dr Ayako Honda – Senior Researcher / Senior Lecturer

Ayako Honda is a Senior Researcher / Senior Lecturer in the Health Economics Unit at the University of Cape Town. Previously, she worked as a consultant and team-based research specialist investigating the field of Official Development Assistance (ODA) with a particular focus on public health and poverty alleviation for both government agencies and programme implementers. She holds a PhD in health economics from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Research interests: Her current research interests centre around the analysis of implementation processes for health system strengthening options from the organisational and institutional perspectives in order to examine their impact on equity.

Current research projects: Currently involved in a number of research projects concerning health financing and universal coverage in low and middle income countries, including:

  • Discrete choice experiment (DCE) for eliciting public preferences for health system changes in South Africa
  • Assessing efforts towards universal financial risk protection in low and middle income countries
  • Universal coverage in Tanzania and South Africa: Monitoring and evaluating progress

Current teaching: Masters programmes for Health Economics and Public Health specialising in Health Economics. She also coordinates and lectures in the Economics of Health Systems module.


Journal Articles

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Reports, policy documents and working papers

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Email: Ayako.Honda@uct.za, Tel: 27 21 406 6982